"Earn While You Learn" & "Earn While You Sleep"

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😇 Do read thoroughly from START to FINISH.. just spend 2 minutes of your time, and this will open a new wonderful chapter of your life!👇
Hello Crypto Millionaires of 2022 🙂
GREAT Opportunity and Fortune!
1️⃣. Be the wiser one:
👉 Don't say "no" before you check-it-out yourself.. &
👉Don't listen to others who haven't tried it yet..
✔️ You don't wanna be missing out, do you? While others earned and still are scooping tons of profit in this crypto world!
💪 Impossible profit made possible! It's too good to be true.. but this time it really is true!
2️⃣. The world has already and still is CHANGING.. the way to build riches also has changed. Nowadays its easier than ever to become a multimillionaire.. all thanks to the DIGITAL ASSETS. It kinda annoys DJ how easy it is now, back then it was so hard for DJ, but now DJ also want to join the rocket, no more hustle. Why hustle when you can sit back and relax! Lets go To Da Moon with DJ.. & back!
👉 Don't be obsessed with the old ways.. use the modern way. Actually, we don't have a choice, we need to EVOLVE & INVOLVE, E&I. If we didn't E&I we are not only left out, but worst we'll be obsolete. So do you want to the among the first or when most people already knew about this? The faster you E&I to the digital asset world, the faster you can be rich 💪😁
3️⃣. 12 years, 7 network marketing businesses, myself, DJ have been waiting for an opportunity like this to come - and now, finally I made it. Stop being the ADMIRER of other people's success, now you can be the EARNER!
✔️ Back then we heard this person and that person has this coin and that coin, they are all rich.. now DJ also has many types of coins, and when the coins go up, DJ becomes even richer.. While the coins going up and down, we'll just let Crypto Robot Super Intelligent Power!!’ @’CryptoSIPower to get the profits for us.
4️⃣. Thank God for the great responses. This is a DIFFERENT ball game. This isn't a conventional network marketing business that sells products/services.. this is an investment - ‘Crypto A.I. Powerr!!’ 4S (Sit Steady Secure Surplus) the speed is lightning! nobody can stop it and of course, 4S is legal & syariah.. you expect DJ@Dato Jah & DR@Dato Reza will do all things legal. So just keep all those prejudices about scams..
✔️ Of course DJ@Dato Jah & DR@Dato Reza will only choose a LEGAL & SYARIAH program.. DJ & DR already built up a big name and integrity, have long been successful, why would we be doing illegal things, why would we be promoting a money game scam? You can think for yourself.. Keep all the PREJUDICES of scam first..
5️⃣. This Program is the REAL power passive income because:
👉 Only 4S also can - we getting incomes from our own capital, does not depends on networks.
👉If you want to look for new members (Referral program) also can (better, get commission) - also does not depend on the network, for the to make repeat sales, we get incomes from the robot that's making repeat trade/sales
✔️ Only our investments & downlines, so easy. So, we dont need to worry/care anymore even if nobody joining/ not making repeat sales/ not buying products!
6️⃣. Whatever our ways of making money - salaryman/freelancer/business owner - we always want to save and invest our money in the best way.
👉 When inflation rises -> the currency value drops. To save our currency value, we could move/transfer some of our savings and invest into something that will increases in value. The 3 good investment are Gold, Real estate, and selected Cryptocurrency.. and of course crypto will produce the most!
👉 Save ourselves and our family by moving to crypto ASAP. If not, we will be crushed by inflation!
✔️ If there is something BETTER, why deny it.. Not before, but starting Apr-2021, there is CryptoSIPower. DIVERSIFY you investment portfolio.
👉and with all these so-called catastrophes happening nowadays, lots of businesses go downhill. That's why we need to invest in ‘crypto a.i. power!!'. The robots will do all the trading.. well, robots are IMMUNE to pandemic viruses, natural disasters like floods, economic crises, and many more.
💥 Remember, to join you dont need to find a new capital, just move a portion of your saving or other investment to the cryptosipower program. If you dont have saving/investment, then you need to find ways to look for capitals.. this is to grow your money.. This is not a biz - some cant be sold, cant be sponsored - this is an investment - so easy.
7️⃣. Program CryptoSIPower TERBAIK sbb:
❌WE DON'T COLLECT money from others - they will deposit it in their own exchange account.
!! CAREFUL: Dont join the programs that collects money - thats a SCAM
✅ WE EDUCATE them - teach how to set system, and then collect the profits.
❌ DONT NEED TO BE SKILLED trader, observing chart, analyze, other crypto knowlegdes.. robot s.i will do everything. We just need to know the basic/fundamental things and it is easy to learn.
✅ EARN while u LEARN. Masa sambil belajar dpt income.
✅ EARN while u SLEEP. Waking up every morning knowing the robots generate income for you.. isn't that wonderful. Thanks robot 😍
✅ Robot can only trade, ❌ CANT WITHDRAW our money.
✅ Duit kita SELAMAT.
❌ DONT NEED TO WORRY lost of capital. ❌ No Margin Call.
❌ TIDAK LOSE MONEY, walaupun market turun/crash, paling teruk FLOATING shj.
It is normal, any kind of market have their ups and downs. What great is that the super intelligence robot will help us make profits despite the ups and downs without us need to do it manually - TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT, to wake up 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, 465 days a year, NON-STOP; All the while we've been working for money, now let money & robot works for us; Robot has NO GREED NO FEAR. There are no humans can do all of those, but cryptosipower can! How much more power do you want!
✅ HIGH PROFIT TRADE, average of ~10%-30% a month, could get every time the robot trade buy sell, higher/lower profit also have, but even the lowest is still higher that our other investment - way different than the unit trust funds, savings, fixed deposit, cooperatives, private equity, stocks, gold, real estates, etc..
✅ The REFERRAL commission is even more crazier.. the highest rank, the V6 could get usd10k a day!
✅ We can DIRECTLY WITHDRAW to bank
8️⃣. DJ is on cloud nine!! Bcs this time everyone who joined DJ got nothing but lots of lotsss of profitsss.. Nobody's at lost. They gained profits almost everyday!
✔️ Whoever have join DJ's other business in the past and want to get profits like this - why not join us ASAP!
✔️ To those haven't join DJ, this is your golden opportunity to enjoy great fortune with ez and quick!
✔️ To those watching from afar - just stop it now! There's no benefits in watching other people, come and join us too!!
9️⃣. ‘Crypto A.I. Power!!’ is a global programme.. already enterered 50 countries. It's very easy to expand businesses overseas - just through Zoom Meetings. Our upline have networks overseas in countries like Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Africa, US, UK, etc - just with zoom.. no need to travel!
💪 MANY have reached the HIGHEST rank V6 - 19 members; In just a SHORT time - on average of 6 months.
💪CRAZY INCOME - average of 5K U$D to 10K U$D a DAY (HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to MILLIONS RM a MONTH!). DJ have met 2 of our Malaysian uplines whose a V6 rank - their income could reach 10K U$D a day - times 4.2 RM rate, times 30days = RM1.2 Million a month! Now this is a REAL PASSIVE income, with NO PRODUCTS to sell, Crazy..!!
💪 This biz is different with other biz.. other biz could reach a high rank but with little/no income.. for what?! just for show.. But this 'Crypto A.I Powerr!!' biz will let you gain income nonstop.. Awesome right!
1️⃣0️⃣. The real secret to success is SPEED! Alhamdulillah DJ & many other networks already and still is enjoying the PROFITS..
🔥 DJ just started in Mid-Oct-2021. In just 3 days DJ achieved V2 Rank. End-Oct-2021 DJ broke the world record for the quickest to achieved V3 rank. Then, Nov-2021 DJ achieved V4 Rank, one of the quickest in the world.
🔥 Now, in just 2 and a half months, (Mid-Oct-2021 to End-Dec-2021) DJ-CryptoAIPower networks reach 40 members (33 V2, 6 V3, 1 V4) upranked! Amongst the most and quickest in the world! Numbers cant lie. Come together with DJ. This time everyone will be successful! 💪
Follow DJ's way - insyaAllah together we will make history! Up-ranked quickly, double your income, and we can help many more!
1️⃣1️⃣. HUGE DIFFERENT when Joining DJ's & DR's Group!
Robot – all groups will get.
Advantages of joining us:
✅ DJ will guide you on how to do it the PROPERLY, FAST, EASY, DOUBLE TRIPLE INCOME, & RANK UP QUICKLY!
✅ Get supports from DJ - personal coaching, training, a life line to help you make prospecting & group servicing - most of it are free; etc. Tools online & offline.
✅ Once you're with DJ & DR, there will be a lot more secrets to be a multimillionaire you could scoop from us!
✅ DR has huge Vission and Mission! Combine it with DJ - Damn super duper power!!
🔥 All these are priceless. Cant share in this small medium. Just join all of our training.
1️⃣2️⃣. A great opportunity usually comes out of the blue..
👉 We often read these words.. but do we really understand it all? Do we receive and make the opportunity worth it? The answer is in our own hands.. our circumstances and not others, our lives our responsibilities.
Don't give up bcs of your previous failures.
Dont stop grabbing those chances bcs you wont know which opportunity that could make your dreams come true. And most importantly, after you've grabbed the good chance - work for it seriously.
👉 So, when you're offered an amazing shot, dont let it slide.. listen carefully first..
Even DJ, a proven multimillionaires too spent time to check it out.
💪 This opportunity is gonna blow. So, if you're reading this , you're the chosen one to succeed. Dont waste it. Trust me, in a few months, alot of people will know and wants to join. The world is changing, way to riches also has changed. So, do you want to be one of the pioneers or when its already booming?
👉 Reminder from DJ - if you're late, your prospect or your network will join under other people - and that's your lost!
💥In business (even in politics and life) - theres no friends forever, and no endless enemy. Its a small small world, you cant escape from everyone. So, just forgive and forget then move forward. What's important is that we improve, and dont repeat the same mistake. We want to make profits and help a lot of people!
1️⃣3️⃣. Check it out yourself first... its for your own sake, not your employer, upline/downline/sideline/company or other people.
❌ Get rid of shyness, fear, ego, laziness, anger, arrogance, resentment, blame, stubborn, spoiled..
❌ Just KEEP first your excuses of not having capital, no time, don't like to look for people, not good at talking/doing, not interested, hard, afraid of risks, not focus, far, unstable market, bnm/sc, syariah..
✔️ Chance like this should be grabbed by all. A chance to scoop fortunes from the crypto world. Its been more than 10 years and many rounds you've MISSED, while others all around the world made tons of wealth. This is the chance to enjoy the profit together..
1️⃣4️⃣. Come and join the Crypto SI Power Preview Program
💰 It's Free
👤Open for all
📍 Online or Offline, Face-to-Face in DJ's Office BisnesJaya Academy, in DJ's residence, or outside.
📌 Date/ Time/ Place: Get the details by clicking this link
👉 https://cryptosipower.wasap.my/
👉 Those from outside of Klang Valley - North, South, East Coast, and Borneo its worth your time and money to make a trip to DJ's place in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong - Its a BIG BUCKS PROJECTS! DJ will spend MORE time with people coming from afar. Then will continue with Zoom meetings
👍So what are you waiting for, you've just received an invitation from a MultiMillionaire - just come lah.. Not to brag but DJ is busy, sometimes DJ can't entertain one by one.
Be positive, opportunity is opened wide, don't say no to huge fortune, this is not an ordinary thing.. this is 'Crypto A.I. Power!!'
Grab this BIG opportunity which has help many.
❗ Follow DJ's SYSTEM - successful with the RIGHT way, QUICK, EASY, DOUBLE TRIPLE INCOME, & UPRANK FAST!
~ Let's DIG this crypto gold mine using a TRACKTORR... 🚜
🚀 Meroket TO DA MOON & Back!
🦀 "Sepit" DJ@Dato Jah
@Dato’ Hjh Jahlilawati Abu Bakar
▪Founder/ President BisnesJaya Group
▪ #1 Expert/MultiMillionaires Fast Entrepreneur Hattrick in Malaysia
🏆Women Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2021
▪Annual Entrepreneur Icon 2019 (Training & Marketing)
🏆Asia Pacific Top Women Entrepreneur 2018-2022
🏆Fellow of OXCEL (F.Dip.OXCEL), The Oxford Centre for Leadership, United Kingdom
P/s: You wont find any other program as Powerful & Easy as this one.

Looking for Malaysian &
World's BizPartner..
Interested, kindly contact the Leaders below or directly contact DJ.
This is a PIONEER. U, who join will
become a big part of
early success history of 'Crypto S.I. Power!!'.
Come and grab this huge pioneering opportunity.

Looking for Malaysian &
World's BizPartner..
Interested, kindly contact the Leaders below or directly contact DJ.
This is a PIONEER. U, who join will
become a big part of
early success history of 'Crypto S.I. Power!!'.
Come and grab this huge pioneering opportunity.

Dato' Jah's Background

Founder/ President BisnesJaya Group
▪ #1 Expert/MultiMillionaires Fast Entrepreneur Hattrick in Malaysia

Women Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2021

Annual Entrepreneur Icon 2019
(Latihan & Pemasaran)

Asian Pacific Top Women Entrepreneur

Fellow of OXCEL
(The Oxford Centre for Leadership,
United Kingdom)

Dato' Jah has been in the field of entrepreneurship for 12 YEARS, holds the title TRIPLE MULTIJUTAWAN PANTAS PROVEN LEJEN🙂 , 6 FIGURE INCOME MONTHLY, COMPANY TOP SPONSOR.. in THREE areas of entrepreneurship namely Water Health (Kangen Water, RECORD BREAKING – THE FASTEST IN THE WORLD!) (2015-now), Telecommunication (Tone Excel) (2013-now TONE WOW), and e-Leaning (Score A) (2009-2013).

Dato' Jah has produced DOZENS OF MILLIONAIRES (in a span of 2 years) and THOUSANDS WITH 4,5,6 FIGURES INCOME MONTHLY (in a span of 12 years) from all sorts of backgrounds.. No matter who you are, as long as you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better.
Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dato' Jah was employed (1989-2009) in an I.T company for 20 years, her last position was as Head of Department, was a consistently outstanding employee of the company.
After succeeding with other people's product, Dato 'Jah took steps to produce health product with the DJ Moment branding, NaViX (2017-2019) the products of her own company.
Next, Dato'Jah joins Affiliate Junction (2018-now), and has broken the best record of previous businesses on DAY ONE joining! Next, she reach fastest REGIONAL PARTNER Malaysia & Indonesia in just 2 months.
Thereafter, Dato' Jah joins C2Joy (2019-now). She has broken the company record of achieving the rank of FASTEST PLATINUM DIRECTOR & a 5 figure income collected in just 7 days, then reaches the rank of the FASTEST RUBY DIRECTOR & 6 figure income collected in just 73 days!
Thereafter, Dato' Jah joins C2Joy (2019-now). She has broken the company record of achieving the rank of FASTEST PLATINUM DIRECTOR & a 5 figure income collected in just 7 days, then reaches the rank of the FASTEST RUBY DIRECTOR & 6 figure income collected in just 73 days!
On 1 Apr 2021, Dato ’Jah added 1 more business by the name of eLearning Pandai programme, this time as Chief Marketing Officer, one of the Company’s Co-Founders.

Pada October-2021, Dato Jah join bisnes terbaru investment Crypto S.I. Power!! Beliau telah pecahkan rekod dunia pantas V2, V3 & V4, dgn income terkumpul 6 angka RM pada minggu yg ke-7 shj.

Dato 'Jah is the FOUNDER of BisnesJaya Academy (BJA) which is a training center that trains successful entrepreneurs (2009 till now) to the level of MILLIONAIRES. This academy is suitable for all entrepreneurs, especially those with network marketing.
Dato 'Jah's achievements have been covered in several media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, and social media.



Congratulations because you have become the chosen person to learn the very, very BIG opportunity .. Please watch this short video first.

Dato' Dr Reza Ibrahim's Background

2001: B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology – University of Aberdeen, Scotland
2006 : Master in Science – University of Hertfordshire, UK
2012 : Ph.D Medical Research (DhRES) – University of Hertfordshire, UK

Experienced in working as a Researcher in Bristol Myerrs Squib, Italy Medical Sales Manager in the DKSH company in Malaysia.

Group of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Maxxima Group of Companies
Maxxima Capital (M) Sdn Bhd – Importer / Exporter
Maxxima Resources (M) Sdn Bhd – Manufacturing
Maxxima Health Science (M) Sdn Bhd – Sales
Maxxima Nutraceutical (M) Sdn Bhd – Ozone Therapy Center & Medical Spa
PT Maxxima Neutraceutical Indonesia
PT Maxxima Indonesia Mulia



"Earn While You Learn" & "Earn While You Sleep"


Why We Should Do This Business?

Basic Requirement To Start A Successful Business


Why Struggle Alone When You Have The Option To Build a Team That Will Work With You Whole Life

Investment branches

Rule #1 Investment: Don't put all yr eggs in 1 basket.

Rule #2 Investment: Don't give yr money to other people to invest, u hv to take control of yr investment.

The world has and still is changing


Today's Reality...

✅Inflation Rises
✅Unemployment Rises
✅Stock market Plummeted
✅ Limited Job Opportunities
✅ Unstable Politics
✅ Small Business Bankrupt
✅ Decreased Return on Investment

Today's Financial Reality...

Unit Trusts Funds ~5% a year
Gold ~10-20% a year
Private Equity ~15% a year
Cooperation ~10% a year
Fixed deposit ~3% a year

"When inflation rises - the value of the currency falls. To save the value of our currency, transfer some of our savings to investments that increase in value. The 3 investments are gold, real estate, & selected cryptocurrencies. ”

"Save yourself and your family by acting immediately. If not, you will sink! ”


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In February 2022

Refference: Article from https://www.forbes.com/advisor/investing/top-10-cryptocurrencies/ (as at 1-Feb,2022)

Top 10 Crypto Exchange In February 2022

Sumber: https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/ (as at 14-Feb-2022)

Do You Know?

At a time when the world is being hit by the economic downturn due to Covid-19 the world of digital financial assets is rising to record highs.

Digital financial asset investors are reaping lucrative profits regardless of what is happening in the world today.

Are you part of a digital financial asset investor?

Copyrights Of PFG Holding SDN. BHD. @ 2021

Top 50 Coins' Performance

Example of crypto ROI in 90 days 👆🏿👁️ Saving fiat money is not worth it ❗❗❗


Sumber: https://intraday.my/category/kripto/

Copyrights Of PFG Holding SDN. BHD. @ 2021

"Important tips for investment:
Dont give money to other people to invest - it will turn to pest!
We need to do it ourselves. Learn it!
With ‘Crypto S.I. Power!!’ program, its very easy,
just follow the steps, install/ register/ setting/ & robots will trade for you - taraaa..
gain profits daily. Then, while you're enjoying the profits you can learn to delve into the world of crypto. ”

My Problem Is






The activation of "robot trading" is less than 30 minutes and you can start earn money every day without losing capital

Types of Trade

Syukur alhamdulillah.. After 12 years, 7 businesses, years of hard work, now I've got an easy chance having a multimillionaire projects income in just 12 weeks! Insane! But worry not, just follow DJ's system - easy, quick & high income! Now we can stop being an admirer, we start be the earner!

Income Testimonials


🔥 Poster Terbaru V6 GLOBAL – Rank Tertinggi dlm program ‘Crypto S.I. Power!!’ ini.



💪 RAMAI boleh capai pangkat TERTINGGI – 19 orang,

💪 Dlm jangkamasa yg SINGKAT – 6 bulan average,


💪 TIADA PRODUK kena jual,

💪 INCOME REAL PASIF – dpt repeat sales tanpa rangkaian buat repeat sales, ROBOT yg buat!


#JomV6 🦀🚜🚀 #DJ


10 thousand usd a day!
Times rate 4.2 rm
Times 30 days = rm1.26 millions a month
Damn.. become a millionaire every single month!





Introductory Incentives

Group Incentives

Group Development Incentives

Global Dividen

This income budget depends on:

“This is a different ball game.. this isn't just a marketing network where we sell products/services.. this is an investment. my uplines income > 10k usd daily. That's why you need to check it out. C'mon don't miss out again, and be scammed by money game no more. Come and RISE UP! Don't give up bcs of your previous failures in the past. Now is the real deal of passive income, sit steady secure surplus. No need to worry about people buying/joining!!🙂 Even if nobody buys our products/services, or no one joins our business, we still could make a passive income with our own capital! Dont stop grabbing those chances bcs you wont know which opportunity that could make your dreams come true. And most importantly, after you've grabbed the good chance - work for it seriously.



+ 10% Bonus Global
+ 10% Bonus Builder
+ $10 World Pool Fee Robot / Bil. V6*

Royal Q pays us from money:

1). We join-pay Royal Q robot rental of 120USD per year.
➖ Royal Q pays us a commission from USD30 (V1) to USD70 (V6).

2). Profit we trade using Royal Q robots - our share is 80%, Royal Q share 20% (we pay in the form of fuel fee).
➖ Royal Q pays us a commission from 4% (V1) to 12% (V6).

"Now i can sleep with a smile.. & do anything worry-free.. no stress. DJ's happy! This time everyone's joining this program is successful.. they make profits! DJ feels satisfied and happy for them.
And the others who've joined too.. Now every one smiling from ear to ear bcs of the daily profits.. kachinggg kachinggg every day.. —wow more and more.. Duplication..Even before I conduct my training, all of them are already prospecting new members, something, all of them are too good at looking for new members, something they used to hate! Haha.. You guys are such a gold digger. 😝We don't collect money from people, we teach them how to make money. So, stop saying this and that. Everyone has to grab this golden opportunity. It's been years and so many rounds we've missed while others in the world have had scooped massive fortunes. That is why it's important to get good resources and not scams. So, stop barking and come check it out first. Stop all the prejudices and come check it out yourself. If God wants to provide an easy, fast, and abundant sustenance - it'll happen. Don't refuse something good, grab hold of it and enjoy it, then be grateful.."



How many accounts to open?

What is the best way to arrange?

The secret to being able to double your income with the same job, will be revealed. Please attend the training, DJ will help you!


Royal Q Apps Ranked 26th in the FINANCIAL APPS category surpassing Metatrader5, HSBC Malaysia, Gate.Io & HotBit in Playstore & IOS. Power !!
Royal Q could be a legend.. Just 9 months in the networking market already ranked 12th globally!




Why Robot S.I.?

1) Proven 5 Tahun
2) 50 Countries
3) Cheap $120/year
4) Referral Mar-2021 (80% | 20%)




– Binance
– Huobi
– ……..
– ……..
– Luno
– Remitano
– ……..
– ……..



– Binance
– Huobi
– ……..
– ……..
– Luno
– Remitano
– ……..
– ……..


– Bitcoin
– Ethereum,
– Tether,
– Etc
– ……..
– ……..

Types of Income

The Big Income Is From


From the amount of capital you trade with. The more the amount the bigger the profit.


From joining the affiliate/referral program. You can get a huge income from here. The V6 rank could get more than a million RM of income.


From stacking, buying & keeping coins. If you're lucky your coin will increase very high in value..

The 4th & 5th income: From Huobi Affiliate & CopyTrade. This will not big but money is money right..🙂

Sediakan Duit Robot + Duit yang nak trade

Contact Upline Anda utk ajar buka acc

Selepas daftar di link, install apps

IMPORTANT: To join, get a link from the person who refer you or like DJ's below

Dato Jah <*Note: Letak Nama Anda Untuk Rujukan>

Setting Trade

Be a wiser person that is:
– Don't say "no" before you check-it-out yourself.. &
– Don't listen to others who haven't tried it yet.."

Syarat nk join:
Acc Houbi: - IC (MyKad) atau Passport & Muka nak scan.
Acc RoyalQ: - Email

ROYAL Q is awesome, even in the time of Pandemic & in a short time can give birth to many Millionaires with ridiculous income! Only in the crypto world such thing possible. Make sure you choose the right one, not a scam! That's why you have to come check-it-out yourself!




DJ's Achievements

🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 Let's all congratulate Real Superwoman of Malaysia, Dato Hjh Jahlilawati On a V4 promotion in just 5 weeks!🥳🥳🥳 One of the fastest V4s in the world known to me so far! 🔥🔥🔥 Definitely to be a V4 in just 5 weeks proves that she is indeed fully committed to her network. With a record as the Fastest MultiMillionaire in her other businesses, this time she expressed her desire at Royal Q. Let's all support her dream so that our dream also comes true !!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS & Selamat Maju Jaya I wish to the entire network of TEAM DJ BISNESJAYA PFG !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🚀🚀🚜🚜 ~ Ijat Lejen, Upupsline DJ
Those with a capital of USDT1,000 & above, invite them to use copytrade ‘DJTraktor1’ (DJ' owned) .. God willing, there will be many more profits… 💰💰
Those with a capital of USDT250 to less than USDT1,000 - a day or two more DJ will create my own copytrade ‘DJTraktor2’. Waittt..
🚜 Here tractor lady comes..
Just follow DJ 🦀🚀
FAILURES are also a CHOICE...
WE MAKE THE CALL! (of-course with God's willing)

BISNESJAYA Program & Activities

A great opportunity usually comes out of the blue.. We often read these words.. but do we really understand it all? Do we receive and make the opportunity worth it? The answer is in our own hands.. our circumstances and not others, our lives our responsibilities. This opportunity is gonna blow. So, if you're reading this, you're one of the chosen ones to succeed. Don't waste it. Trust me, in a few months, a lot of people will know and wants to join. The world is changing, way to riches also has changed. So, do you want to be one of the pioneers or when it's already booming? If God wants to bless you with a fortune that is easy, quick, and huge - then it will happen. Don't refuse wealth.. Welcome & enjoy it .. & Be grateful… DJ felt pity the person who spread slander said scam - it'll be nothing more than just a dry sin .. don't play play with slanderous sins - its big, & you reward your good deeds to DJ.. well thanks I guess.."





Millionaires Tips

DJ wants to bring people who follow DJ - to succeed!

It doesn't matter if they are from a previous DJ business network or from a network of other people who want to join, as well as those not from previous businesses - which is more!

So that we can all succeed in getting the truly recurring passive income!
The difference - a lot with a little, fast with slow - we make the call!

Be among the wise… towards the true Multiple Source of Income & Passive Income - continuous & still increasing, insyaAllah.


To LEADERS who have a NETWORK or STAFF under them especially big leaders… usually we are POSITIVE & RESPONSIBLE people…

I DJ, HUMBLY requests you to CHECK-IT-OUT YOURSELF this CRYPTO A.I. POWER !! which just kickstarting.. now is the PERFECT TIMING! (you'll know what I'm talking about once you check it out). WHY LISTEN TO THE OTHERS - when you can directly get it from DJ. Believe me, even if you're not joining, all of the others near you, even your staff will join EVENTUALLY.. it's just a matter of TIME.. No worries, this program WON'T CONFLICT with any other programs there is, and won't also affect your current jobs and networks or staffs you currently have bcs ITS AN INVESTMENT. If you are already financially stable, do it for your STAFF, do it to help your NETWORK.

DJ is SURE, AS A LEADER (no matter small or big), we certainly have the DESIRE TO HELP OUR GROUP from the closest to the new ones, we want to help all. So, DJ CALLS you to SPEND A LITTLE OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME, OPEN YOUR MIND - and GO CHECK-IT-OUT YOURSELF. DO IT NOT FOR YOU BUT FOR YOUR GROUP. HELP THEM! Sometimes our network or staff don't dare to do it because they respect us & love us, they are afraid we will be offended even though they REALLY NEED THIS OPPORTUNITY. Don’t waste their trust & their respect for us until we OVERLOOK their needs. ITS OK IF AFTER YOU CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF, then you don't think it's your cup of tea and nor for your networks and staff, there's NO OBLIGATION you can DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. DJ just begs you DON'T REJECT WITHOUT KNOWING THE TRUE STORY/DETAILS… We are positive & responsible people!

"Don't be shy to make extra income .. if we are in a difficult situation there is no one else who is going to help us after all…So, Get up! Get up! Do not remember past events - both success and failure, make it a guide & boundary .. what is important to live today & in the future .. Our lives, we who choose, we who determine, we who work, but of course with God's permission… ”

Wake up & dreams… Opportunities come knocking.. don't just stand there, open it! Those who were introduced to this program at the same time as you are already well ahead.. U can do either online/offline, DJ will guide you.."

BISNESJAYA Support & System

4 Series Base System


❗📣 Read carefully, follow DJ's advice below if you want to succeed quickly and easily..
After you attend the Preview - decide to join

There are 2 DON'TS to make a decision:

1). DON'T ask those who didn't attend the Preview, usually, they're negative bcs they didn't get the complete information in the Preview. YOU decide. This is your life. But if you still want to ask, make sure they have attended the Preview themselves, only then you can ask/discuss with them.

2). DON'T test the market bcs you'll spoil your market without knowing. Test market means that you haven't join, with little no knowledge. but already go and tell others to join.

First Scenario (Not yet joined): When you do prospecting, one of the questions that prospects will definitely ask is " you ask others only, but have you, yourself join already?", when you answer "not yet" (don't lie), usually the prospect won't say it to your face, but they'll say it in their heart. - "eleh you don't even join, but now wanted to ask me to join, if you trust it why not join also, huh!" ; so how do you expect your prospect to join you (trust/sure)

Second Scenario (Not enough knowledge): With little no KNOWLEDGE, once the prospect ask something or more or even excuses, you wont be able to answer them. Then again, how do you expect the prospect to join you. You even have enough knowledge to SHOW the advantages/benefits of this program. Worst part, you even agree to join with that kind of excuses! What a let down!

Friends, this program is easy, but DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED, one thing to take is to be proficient. So, if you want to succeed in this program, don't do STUPID THINGS stated above.

~Follow DJ's advice 🦀🚜🚀


“Syukur alhamdulillah for the warm welcome received for this new platform the 4S.. High returnnn.. of course SIT STEADY SECURE SURPLUS is legal and syariah.. DJ & Dato' Reza wont play money game scam. Maybe this is my rewards after all these years i've been working my back off.. Finally I'm able to really relax SIT STEADY SECURE SURPLUS (4S).. no need to think about how to make money no more!". "Most people liked this 4S concept.. but be careful and look for the real deal.. DJ also was a bit sceptical at start.. but once you learn - hmm keep on digging.. Crypto A.I Power!! projects is blowing all around the globe. Bcs people love this 4S concept🙂 When we ask to do M.L.M, no response krik krik :("



Website, Slides Preview & Video2

Website is the best medium to give the COMPLETE knowledge about the ‘Crypto S.I. Power!! Program

This website is written by Dato' Jah herself. All of the 12 years experiences in the network marketing businesses, Dato' Jah have molded in a simple but compact and complete manner.

This will EASE you to promote the ‘Crypto S.I. Power!!’ Program to the mass in social media. With just SHARE LINK of the website.

Visit the website www.cryptoaipower.com


Top 10 Excuses

When we do prospecting, here are the Top 10 Excuses that our prospects will give. That's why we have to be good at answering it. Please attend the training in BJA (BisnesJaya Academy), DJ will guide you on how to answer all these Top 10 Excuses.

What you get joining DJ & DR@DatoReza's group.. Robots! all groups will get one.. The advantages of joining us:

✅DJ will guide you the right way, quick, easy, double triple income, and up-ranked quickly!

✅ Get a copy setup from our group.

✅Get supports for our group - personal coaching, training, a lifeline to help you make prospecting - most of it is free.

✅Once you're with us, there will be a lot of secrets to being multimillionaires you could scoop from us!

✅ DR will show the strategy on how to make RM 1 Million in just 2 months!

✅ DR has a wide Vision and Mission, the best!

✅ Combine with DJ - Damn, too powerful!

All these are expensive! Just attend our knowledge buffet.
Do you want to grab or just watch this rare opportunity slipped? Keep your worries for the other day.. just come and check it out yourself.
This 4S, Sit Steady Secure Surplus, is not the same as other businesses that sell products or services.. the speed is lightning! thunder! DJ never had a Preview where there are so many prospects attending. And most of them join! Who wouldn't want profits everyday?🙂 No need to sell products/services, no need to sponsor downlines, but if you want to sponsor, that's better - earn more commission.

To those who have welcomed us, we already have an ATM machine that produces money… just need to slide in your card (sponsoring) & key-in (servicing)… it's a loss if we don't do it, and don't take the money… Wake-up & do it!

Preview ‘Crypto S.I. Power!!’
📌 Tuesday 8.45pm @Zoom
📌 Saturday 2.45pm @BJA/Zoom
Training (only for those who have joined)
📌 Monday 8.45pm @Zoom
Ask for the Zoom link from the person invited you

Address BJA:
BisnesJaya Academy
51-2, Jalan BK 5A/2,
Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180
Puchong, Selangor
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Ff2jXz6Btkq
Waze: Bisnesjaya

BisnesJaya Academy

51-2, Jalan BK 5A/2, Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180 Puchong, Selangor
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Ff2jXz6Btkq
Waze: Bisnesjaya
If you want to attend, contact:
HQ: Dato Jah 019-310 5171
or contact
Cik Zaimah 011-1881 7710 ; or
Kak Ani 017-8795445 ; or
BizPartner invited you.

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Work Flow

"In business, TRUST in vital. That's why when DJ share, a lot will response bcs they have TRUST in DJ. So, of course I wouldn't want to break their TRUST in me! Not in a million years!" Don't be negative before you check it out yourself. This 4S, Sit Steady Secure Surplus, is not like the other business which sell products and services. This is a lighting speed business. To those who already have networks, if you don't act quick, they will join under other people. Trust me, don't blame other people if you're late to grab this chance..DJ personally asking you to join. Stop with your worries about scam. The quicker you attend the Preview, the quicker you can join, the quicker you can make profit. DJ & friends have join ‘Crypto S.I. Power!!’ and already received profit daily! Time is money. Grab it Now!"


Wise words from DJ..

C'mon guys, we have found a gold mine right here! just need to dig it.. dig using your hand , a shovel or whatever tools you wanted to use, but as for DJ, when I found a gold mine, I will use the best and quickest way to dig it, by using tractorrrr..!! That's why you need to check it out to know this. To those who have check it out, don't wait any longer, prospect others before they come to prospect you. This is an unbearable, unavoidable, better YOU who join first & prospecting them.. To those who have joined, be swift and Dig Using Tractorrrr...!!!!🙂 What's important is that DJ already path ways and showed proofs that this Crypto S.I. Power!! Program could go far if we do it right!


There are several ways:
a) withdraw from huobi to Royal Q
b) If we have more than 1 Royal Q account, we can transfer from one account to another.
Depending on the capital we add. Does the copy trade require a change of settings with the addition of capital.
Yes, but we are not allowed to make a withdrawal within 24 hours
we need to make a new order with the same trader and attach the receipt to the seller and complete the order.

Prospects will be listed under the owner of the referral link.

You have 3 options:
a). Be patient, wait for it to come back up
b). Add capital
c). Open few accounts, buy other coins.
Yes, provided that our money is not used to buy coins at that time and our coins are not floating at that time (to avoid incurring losses).
Because the robot will stop trading the if USDT amount is below 2.

Royal Q robot cant take the capital that is saved in the Huobi exchange, Binance or Coinbase. The robot can only trade for us not withdraw

If that happen, only the activation cost for the robot will be lost, our capital is safe in the Huobi exchange, Binance or Coinbase.

Definitely not, because the system uses SPOT trading, so there is no Margin Call like the Forex trading.

No, the robot will continue to trade.

We dont know exactly the identity of the owner of the Royal Q company, but like Bitcoin even nobody knows about the owner, still they trust it and many more in this crypto world with digital assets that we didnt know their identity but thats fine. Worst is that you own Bitcoin or other crypto currency that you dont have any idea of their identity but youre fine with it, but when it comes to RQ youre not ok with it.. what gives?

No because RQ is not a MLM company that needs an AJL license. RQ is a referral program.

Yes.. Why not?

We have 2 types of income:

1. from trading with our own money,

2. from the referral of those join under us.

If you wanted to do just the No,1 only and dont want to do the No.2 thats ok too, no problem.

A little tips from DJ: This network marketing world whether the MLM that has AJL license, affiliates, refferals, etc.. all are legal business, its not wrong to get commissions from our downlines. Need to come for the 101 Network Marketing training, to cleanse up all the wrong mindset people have on the marketing netwok world.

Yes.. but as long as there is no studies and stating its not syariah made by the authorities - meaning its alright.

Yes.. but even with auditor, we still cant tell whether the amount is right or not. There's no prove. Adoi what a question

Correct.. but alert list does not mean its confirmed scam list.

This is the words DJ copy and pasted from SC alert list

“Carrying on unlicensed capital market activities of dealing in securities.”

The majority in the crypto world that were de-centralized wasn't licensed.. such as Binance, Huobi, & many more, and its alright..

  • Pssttt: Dont say that the ones saying bad things are the ones that have an account in binance or other exchange, & have bought coins that arent syariah, and have bought alot..

There is no proof, but learning only by theory is no use. Just go and install it, setting & trade, then you'll see it. Just put in the minimum capital, a few Hundred Dollars if you are worried that RQ will take your money.

- Actually no, but previously who joined always called it A.I.. so DJ just followed. More accurate is 'Super Intelligence' which is from the company's website (refer ebook Royal in the website) cryptoaipower.comnot an 'Artificial Intelligence'. Hmm when RQ gave profits, no problems, but when its floating, lots of questions rose. Use which ever robot you want, but when the market is down/crash, how intelligence it is, it will still be floating.

- RQ is semi-auto, it will follow what we set. Have a look at an English preview by Rubert Parahqasam, it is very good, he explained technically how this robot operates. His video is posted by DJ in the Telegram already.

We know the profits is not daily.. the profits can be by hour/minutes/seconds & same goes with floating, it can be anytime. So DJ already fixed it and not using the word profits daily. DJ always talk about average profits per month. And it also will depends on the average rise and drops of the market.

- when DJ join and got to know that we do need to know some basic things, but its easy - so this words also needed to be changed to a proper one.

- well its normal that us networker sometimes went over board because we were too excited, so which we got to know, we fix it and make it more accurate. When we join it the first time we didnt know about it. But now we learn from our mistake and apply a continuous improvement mind set..

- However , we've seen many proofs that alot of people already gathered massive profits especially our V6 members. We also have enjoyed the profits. We cant be happy only when we get the profits right, but when its floating we need to accept it as well. Its nature, any type of markets will have its up and down.

- Just that with the Super Intelligence robot, with the ups and down the robot with help us make profits without us doing it manually - time, energy, effort, stay awake till late night, working nonstop 24/7 a week, 365 days a year, no human could withstand that, & and without us having a good skill in trading, the robot helps us to do it automatically. Isnt that powerful!



DJ need you to know this, dont worry even if you are not under DJ's netword or referral of this web replica, you can join/buy this web replica as well, NO CROSSLINE, you will still be under your upline following the geneology of Affiliate Royal Q, you just be under the sponsor of the Web Replica upline -
2 different things!


Web Replica cryptoaipower.com

REPLICA WEBSITE is the best medium to give the COMPLETE knowledge about the ‘Crypto S.I. Power!! Program

This website is written by Dato' Jah herself. All of her 12 years of experiences in network marketing businesses, Dato' Jah has mixed the knowledge of products and marketing plan, as well as OPENING MIND & MOTIVATION - this is PRICELESS! No other websites as complete as this one!

By subscribing to this Web Replica, you will get the same website with your own LINK & REFERAL ID. This MAKES IT EASIER for you to promote the Crypto S.I. Power to everyone on social media with just SHARING this Replica Website LINK only.

Make DJ as a BRIDGE for you to prospect. DJ will be the one giving an explanation to your prospect. Your work will be easier, and the success rate is higher! InsyaAllah.

Save Money, Time and Energy

You no longer need to waste thousands of ringgit on other people's wages or your own time & energy for this website. Just use cryptoaipower.com, which is produced by experts in this business!

High Replica Web Incentives

Get a Replica Website Referral Bonus up to Level 3 when you introduce to friends. Really wow Lah!

Simulate the potential income of duplication of 10 to 3 Levels can earn RM11,700! Wow the best!

Insentif Set Tools

You will get a 10% discount (follow the latest promotions from time to time) for each purchase of a set of tools

Training Ticket Incentives

You will get a 10% discount (follow the latest promotions from time to time) for every purchase of training tickets

Other Incentives Merchandise

You will get a 10% discount (follow the latest promotions from time to time) for every purchase of merchandise. How great 🙂

Prospect Database

You can gather a database of prospects. In all businesses, Database is king.

Auto Follow Up

The system will help you follow-up prospects automatically. No need to bother crafting email sentences and take the time to follow up prospects. However, you are encouraged to do your own follow-up as well

Superb Dashboard

There are various interesting functions in the dashboard such as being able to see a list of prospect & new member information, millionaire tips, technical tips, latest info, incoming income statements, & more!

Live Statistic Report

You can see live statistics of high potential prospects who visit your website. Makes it easy for you to control and manage the prospect database.

Online & Offline Support

You will always be given guidance & guidance from the great leaders of Team BisnesJaya. Many millionaire tips from proven mentors worth thousands of dollars will be shared with you

cryptoaipower.com Manage Postage

You don't have to bother leaving the house to go to poslaju. All merchandise postage arrangements are handled for your convenience

Join the Replica Web

Original Price Is



For those of you who really want to make money the EASY… FAST & MAXIMUM INCOME




100% money back guarantee if you do not get what you bought, namely:

  1. Replica website with your own links & referrals
  2. Promised incentives if you deserve / achieve
  3. What are the functions of the replica websites that have been promised on this website

*Subject to terms & conditions.


List of BizPartners All Over Malaysia


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

▪️ Cik Zaimah 011-1881 7710

Shah Alam
▪️ Siti Rohani 017-879 5445

▪️Mohd Safri Mahat 011-2003 1000

▪️ Muhamad Akbarul @ ABG K 010-332 2933

▪️ Farah Izwani 019-629 3868

▪️ DMella Ahmad 012-977 2208

Kota Damansara
▪️ Naim 011-7035 5555

Kuala Selangor
▪️ Rozali Sapari 017-625 5007

▪️ Iskandar 011-7035 5007

Bukit Jalil

▪️ Mohd Azual 013-257 0283


▪️ Hafiz Wahab 013-333 2203


▪️ Zairul 010-788 9748


Kuala Lumpur
▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

▪️ Soim
013-398 4100

▪️ Shahmi
019-324 4038

▪️ Bossjoe
011-1532 6437


Negeri Sembilan
▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Wazir AL Islam 010-258 0656

▪️ Izy Shah bin Ismail 011-6459 3880


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

▪️Mohammad Sulaiman Bin Munawar
012-733 0605


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


Pulau Pinang
▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

▪️ Dato’ Kelly 013-983 9839


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

Pasir Mas
▪️ Azhani bt Abdul Rahman 013-993 6500

▪️ Fadzilah Bt Husain 013-981 9815

▪️ Muhammad Athooillah 013-912 5352

Gua Musang
▪️ Ahmad Kamil bin Adnan 014-515 9751


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171


▪️ Dato’ Jah 019-310 5171

DO NOT reproduce any content of this website in any form and in any way whether electronic, print, mechanical, photocopying, recording or storage of information including the system can be returned, without the written permission of Dato Jah

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